Preorder Questions


What's the difference between preorders and regular orders?

The difference between a preorder and a regular order is that preorders will not ship right away while regular orders ship within one business day. With preorders you are getting the latest product Brevite has to offer!

Why don't preorders ship right away?

These products are in production or in transit to our warehouse and will be landing in a few weeks. Please check the ship date at the top of the specific product pages.

What's the advantage of preordering?

Upcoming new products are not ready to ship just yet, but we’ve already got a limited quantity in production. Preordering is the only way to guarantee you’ll get one from the first run.

When will the preorder items be ready?

Please refer to the date listed in the product description of the product. These dates can change, but we have been careful to make sure that these are as accruate as they can be at this moment.

When will I be charged?

You'll be charged when you complete your order. You can update or cancel your preorder before it ships and receive a refund. To do so, reach out to and they will be happy to assist you.

I want to add some non-preorder items to my cart. Can I do that?

You can't mix and match items from the Preorder Site with items from our Main Site. You can order multiple pre-order items from this site. All preorders will ship complete, in one package, once all the items are ready. If you are interested in in-stock items from the main site, you will need to order those seperately.

Don't see your question?

No problem. Drop us a line and we'll get back to you ASAP (we're online 24/7)